Maggi 2 Minute Noodles – an iconic new product success

In India, the ‘Maggi’ brand was associated with a beaten-down soup cube product. Noodles were consumed by a very few Chinese food fans.

By positioning itself as a ‘Fast to Cook – Good to Eat’ snack, Maggi Noodles was an instant hit.  This was a classical case of ‘design-for-success’ being made to work. All elements of the product positioning, seamlessly clicked into place. Every aspect of the launch had the word ‘innovation’ and ‘execution excellence’ emblazoned across it. The unique concept, flavours adapted to local taste, the appealing packaging, merchandised in a way which changed the face of shop-fronts for ever and the excellent value-for-money equation – all inputs went in to create the magic.

Most interesting was how each and every member of the cross-functional teams (and those of vendors and partners) came together. Maggi 2 Minute Noodles became a case-study in
New Products execution excellence.