Creating a market for Contact Lenses

The Contact Lens market in India was a sleepy, tiny niche. Hard lenses were the norm as they were inexpensive and less infection-prone. Myths about safety abounded.
Bausch & Lomb India took it upon itself to change this.

Concept advertising successfully positioned Contact Lenses as the answer to the needs of a more self-confident consumer keen to pursue an active lifestyle. The Contact lens market exploded. B&L Soft Lenses displaced hard lenses to become the ‘lens-of-choice’….without any compromise to patient eye health.

The Vision-Care and Professional Services teams achieved this through setting up a nation-wide network of education and awareness centres which empowered the eye care practitioner to confidently recommend and dispense the ‘system solution’. Clearly the many ‘firsts’ in the marketing-mix, executed with excellence had produced spectacular results in terms of explosive market growth and dominant market share.