Bausch & Lomb India – Setting up a best-in-class entity

‘TEAM BLI’ pioneered the first organized sector entry into the eyecare products market. Industry standards had to be re-framed. Capacity utilization was low. The start-up was burdened with high leverage and perceptions of low quality / high price. .

Intense brainstorming and honest debates cleared the way forward. Thanks to the ‘100% DO IT*’ credo; cross functional teams came together seamlessly. Accelerated learning curves and Execution Excellence in every sphere became the name of the game. An ‘open’ culture rated organization climate amongst the best companies of the world.

As a result, Ray-Ban sunglasses in India became a ‘Top 10’ Global market within 3 years and ‘Soft’ contacts became the ‘lens-of-choice’. Despite all the challenges the entity broke even in a record time becoming one of the very few successful entries into the India market in those times.

* Delivery with Ownership through Interdependent Teams